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LA GranD

KZTA – La GranD 96.9 FM
KZTB – La GranD 97.9 FM
KZML – La GranD 95.9 FM


KYXE – La Zeta 104.9 FM
KZXR – La Zeta 101.7 FM
KMMG – La Zeta 96.7 FM
KZUS – La Zeta 92.3 & 92.9 FM


KMNA – La Maquina 98.7 FM
KRCW – La Maquina 96.3 FM



On a weekly basis, AM/FM radio reaches 97% of U.S. Hispanics aged 18 and older, the highest reach of any medium. Additionally, kmsauto Radio continues to exceed in reach when compared to other forms of audio.


Hispanics love radio! 98% of Hispanics age 12 or older tune in each week. that compares to 93% of Americans overall. They also listen longer. There’s a reason. Radio, more than newspapers, even TV, connects listeners to their heritage and community. “Forbes”

From Art to ScienceWhy? Digital Radio & Broadcast Fm Radio

  • Radio is the most affordable mass-market media available
  • Radio advertising costs a fraction of other local media
  • We help business of all sizes reach success.

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Capturing Perceptions, Opinions and Intentions Among Marketers

Radio serves many purposes in the lives of its listeners. It’s a medium that is very special to local communities – big and small, as it brings many together in a way that feels very intimate. Radio is known for its great storytelling. We trust it for information and entertainment – for crucial information, such as where to take the kids this weekend or to simply turn it up and dance to the latest hits.  

New research shows how radio can help brands build relationships with consumers through the power of storytelling and shared passions. 

In conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), RAB brings you this presentation, which provides opinion poll results among marketers and a glimpse at how radio delivers on those insights.

Radio Drives Store Traffic

As a truly mobile medium, radio is the medium closest to purchase. So, when a consumer hears a radio commercial, are they more inclined to visit the advertiser they heard? Does exposure to the radio commercial on certain days of the week have a greater influence on when they visit? The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) already proved that radio ads drive online behavior in Radio Drives Search, but what about store traffic? Can radio advertising be attributed to a lift in store/location traffic? The RAB partnered with TagStation’s Dial Report team to not only answer that question, but to attribute radio’s traffic lift across various retail ad categories.

Radio Drives Search

In today’s digital world, consumers’ path to purchase almost always includes using a search engine. In fact, according to recent Forrester Research data, 71% of consumers begin their journeys by using a search engine to discover new products and services (initiation), and 74% report using a search engine for consideration and purchasing (research, comparison, transaction). One of the most common questions posed to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) by its members and advertisers is: Does radio advertising drive online behavior? Does radio advertising drive search?